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Sheelasha Rajbhandari (b. 1988) is interdisciplinary artist based in Kathmandu. Her mixed media installations explore the parallel - yet, often contradictory - existence of traditional beliefs and historic ideas with contemporary events and evolving lifestyles. She is interested in comparing her own emotions and opinions with existing collective values through dialogues with members of different communities. Her artworks usually juxtapose these contradictions and attempt to synthesize the knowledge and experiences that result from these varied discourses.  Rajbhandari is very careful about choosing materials and methods that align with her conceptual framework. She prefers mediums and material that add meaning to ideas and have their own significance.

Rajbhandari completed her MFA in sculpture from Tribhuvan University’s Center Department of Fine Arts in 2014 after receiving her BFA from Kathmandu University’s Center for Art and Design in 2010. Rajbhandari is a co-founder of and the sole woman artist in the artist collective, Artree Nepal, established in 2013. She worked as an instructor of Sculpture at Lalit Kala Campus, Tribhuvan University from 2012 to 2014. Rajbhandari was artistic director or 12 Baishakh -Post Earthquake Community Art Project 2015.

Recently Sheelasha Rajbhandari exhibited her artwork at Dhaka Art Summit 2018 and Young Sub Continent Project , Serendipity Arts Festival Goa 2017.  She was invited by Para Site Contemporary Art Center Hong Kong for an International Artist Residency . She presented her work in Kathmandu Triennial 2017 . She was one of the six featured artists in the Built /Unbuilt:Home /City Community Art Project 2017 at Qatar and Nepal. Her art work was part of Artree Nepal ‘s open studio ‘The Work of Art is a Scream of Freedom' 2017. In 2016 her artwork was exhibited as part of "Parallel Realities" show at Moesgaard Museum of Denmark. That same year, she was also selected for the “Asia Contemporary Exhibition” at Jeonbuk Mesuem in Korea. She was represented by Nepal Art Council for the India Art Fair in 2016. In 2014 Rajbhandari participated in Abhisaran, Vijaynagar Art Residency, organized by JSW Foundation, India. She has also exhibited with Asian Art Biennale (Bangladesh, 2010). In 2013, she was invited by The Center for culture and Development, Denmark  (CKU) to participate in the Images Festival. She was also selected for the second Kathmandu International Arts Festival that took place in 2012. Her solo show, “In -Between Uncommon Factors” was held at the Nepal Arts Council in 2010.



  1. Dear Sheelasha, is there any e-mail to contact you? I am a curator based in Brazil and would really love to write you. raphaelfonseca@gmail.com is my contact. best!


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